Programming language experiments

This details a project called language_design that I started September 2015 and worked on sporadically ever since. It was written in Scala.

The initial aim was to build a language that mixed aspects of Scala and Erlang. It would be strongly & statically typed, have actors, and be roughly functional. Functional in the sense that immutability was encouraged and functions were used everywhere, but purity wasn’t a big concern.

It had a feature where, given a function fun lines(reader: Reader): List[String] in scope and an r: Reader, you could call r.lines(). The point was to feel like objects (like Java), even the language didn’t have any. That was cool.

Actors would be typed, and could implement interfaces. Actors could only be sent messages it could handle. Example: an actor could implement the Sink[T] interface, handle message Next(item: Int), then be used wherever a actor Sink[T] was needed. Continue reading Programming language experiments

Balloon Box

I’ve recently been working on a game called Balloon Box. It’s a 2D desktop platformer in which the player controls a cardboard box, navigates through an abandoned factory which is known for its pneumatic material transport system. (When I implement it) you will have to avoid cardboard-dissolving acid and knife racks, and collect balloons and batteries. Read the story on Github.

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