Table of Contents

I'm a Christian; a Reformed Baptist. I live in Australia.

I have varied interests outside of work, and this is a place to publish things to do with them.

Christianity, and the Bible

The Bible is the most precious artifact we have on earth, and as a Christian it's part of my life's work to study it.

One of my interests at the moment is literary structure, because this helps us understand each passage in context. To that end, I'm slowly working on my own overviews for each book.

Reading and writing

I like to read, and I listen to a lot of audiobooks.

Very rarely, I've narrated a book myself to have available for listening.


I enjoy listening, playing, and composing music. My taste varies, but mostly lies between romantic classical symphonies and modern movie scores.

Occasionally I'll transcribe my favourite pieces:


I work as a software developer. I write Python, Javascript, CSS, and Bash. Vim. Spaces.

I used to code at home for fun, but these days I only do it in service of some other need. Some things I've built: